We tend on social media to only put out the "good" stuff. This week I posted about my triumphs and challenges of 2014 on Facebook. It is really difficult in a business that is all about appearances to be real and have a true moment of self reflection. I just did it, and then realized after what I had actually done and how vulnerable I felt. 

How honest are we really on Facebook? Do you only put your best foot forward?

Here is the post for anyone who didn't see it.  I got some really interesting reactions.  Thoughts?


This is in the spirit of today's Demos word of the day, and because I saw someone this afternoon who mentioned to me how good my professional life seemed via Facebook. 
Hello Valerie Dowd So good to run into you!

Sometimes we put out only the good stuff. I thought I'd share my triumphs and especially challenges of 2014. This is long, I know.

Directed a challenging and successful workshop of Makeover- A New Musical at the University of Iowa, and a great reading of The First Gentleman at OU. It was fun to go back to Oklahoma for a week. I directed my first film called Policy of Truth. Big thank you to all involved. This little film has led me to meetings and pitch sessions in both LA and NYC, and to be hired for my first documentary Invisible: The Film.Memphis The Musical opened in London to solid reviews and to an audience that loves it. Still proud to be involved with this show after over 7 years! I am a super proud teacher in both the 200 and 300 hr programsThree Sisters Yoga and in the 200 hr Hathavidya program. I love my students and they teach me how to be more present with myself and to be more kind to everyone around me. Hopefully I have given them something in return. And I love that my little non-profit One Healing Arts Company is doing solid work and supporting the artist community that it serves. A special thank you to Aimee Ep who has been my branding genius for this year with photo shoots and website makeovers. It also lead to Demos Word of the Day becoming an app. Look for it in 2015.

and now the Challenges:
Did I mention I directed my first film? Ha! Big learning curve since I didn't know what the hell I was doing. We didn't get into Sundance or Slamdance. There, I said it. There are many, many more festivals to come. Hopefully we will get into some. Makeover doesn't have a lead producer yet. Neither does The First Gentleman who had one when the year started, and now doesn't. I have spent hour upon hour working on these shows for little or no pay whatsoever. Ah, the biz. My collaborators,Kim Sherman and Darrah Cloud and I are looking for a commission for a new musical we are hoping to write together. So far, no luck. My dream of opening a Center for Artists has hit wall after wall after wall. So, I've decided now is not the time for what I have envisioned. I am going to open an acting studio without a "home" early next year. I had hoped to do more corporate work, but having trouble getting in the corporate door. It seems shut to me. If anyone has ideas, I'd gladly take them. Which also has led to me postponing a retreat/teacher training, I had planned for next year. It will happen. I'm just supposed to learn patience here….I think. Why can't everything happen, RIGHT NOW?? Lastly, there was this web tv thing I did called The Broadway Fashion Report. To say it was a disaster would be kind. Someone compared it to a plane crashing, and that I was Cpt. Scully attempting to land it in the river. I did my best, as I always attempt to do. I have the" best little boy" in the whole world syndrome. Which is why it is rare you hear about these challenges!

Thank you Facebook family and friends for 2014 and here is to a successful, and more importantly, joyous 2015 in the land of show business. Maybe now that I'm doing Tv/film…the INDUSTRY!



AuthorNick Demos