Invisible (currently in post-production)

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Desperate to help his mother fight her symptoms, filmmaker Nick Demos meets a young athlete, a human rights advocate, a migrant on disability, and a woman whose life is cut too short - all in different stages of the often-debilitation pain syndrome, Fibromyalgia. 

Invisible traces how the illness affects their careers, dreams, and relationships. It also exposes their fight with insurance and drug companies for proper treatment and how their access to holistic health and education is determined by class and money. Will Nick be able to find answers or is his mother already a best case scenario in a broken healthcare system?

Body Electric (currently in production)

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On the eve of his 45th Birthday, filmmaker Nick Demos examines body image in the gay community, obsession with youth culture and his own journey from body dysmorphia to self-acceptance in middle age. 

This 90 minute documentary traces the history of gay culture and its fixation on the body. It investigates its growth through visibility, the impact of the AIDS crisis, pop culture, and the advent of social media. Body Electric explores the extremism of steroid use, drugs and plastic surgery and also dives into factions within the GLBT community and uncovers socio-economic and racial divides. It calls on medical physicians, therapists and spiritual leaders to explain the psychological and spiritual roots of dysmorphia, and offers hope and help to many who suffer.

Through focusing this lens, the film provides the GLBT community an opportunity for reflection and to empower a next generation to wholeness.

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