Everyone wants a more meaningful inner-work life. When passion is ignited, people are driven. Most companies say they want wellness and creativity, but don’t actually know how to promote it. That is where Nick Demos comes in. 



We are all creative, we have just forgotten how to be. It is not a learning process, it is an unlearning and it is stepping out of the box. Nick guides people through art, writing and speech activities to remove creative blocks. These exercises are used to build trust with co-workers, find shared values and shift perceptions. Art transcends cultural differences and helps us find our authentic voice. People trust and respect leadership and companies who show their humanity. Creativity is collaborative and the creative power behind any company is its people. However, creativity without structure is just a mess. Nick will give practical tools for accessing and shaping creativity.



Yoga: Designed with the corporate yogi in mind, Nick's classes place an emphasis on physical alignment and stress reduction.  He has worked with the very beginning student to advanced teachers.

Breathing: What is the first thing you are told by EMT when you are in an accident? Breathe! When we control our nervous system, we can control our response to stress. In a work environment we are constantly being put to this test. In pranayama (breath) techniques, employees are given simple, yet effective exercises to help them control their life force, (breath support). When the breath is controlled, so is the response to stress. 

Meditation:  It is a simple technique to go to the source of thought. There are several types of meditation and relaxation techniques including mantra, mindfulness, transcendental, walking, body scan, and gratitude focus. Each employee may benefit from a different technique depending on their circumstances. Nick has been teaching meditation, breathing and yoga for a decade and can guide employees to the technique that best suits their needs.


Private coaching and consultation also available.