We are all creative, we have just forgotten how to be. It is not a learning process, it is an unlearning and it is stepping out of the box. Nick guides people through art, writing and speech activities to remove creative blocks. These exercises are used to build trust, find shared values and shift perceptions. Art transcends cultural differences and helps us find our authentic voice.

Yoga: Nick's classes place an emphasis on physical alignment and stress reduction.  He has worked with the very beginning student to advanced teachers. His classes are fun and creative!

Breathing (Pranayama): What is the first thing you are told by EMT when you are in an accident? Breathe! When we control our nervous system, we can control our response to stress. We are constantly being put to this test. In pranayama (breath) techniques, students are given simple, yet effective exercises to help them control their life force, (breath support). When the breath is controlled, so is the response to stress. 

Meditation:  It is a simple technique to go to the source of thought. There are several types of meditation and relaxation techniques including mantra, mindfulness, transcendental, walking, body scan, and gratitude focus. Each person may benefit from a different technique depending on their circumstances. Nick has been teaching meditation, breathing and yoga for a decade and can guide students to the technique that best suits their needs.



Removing Creative Blocks  (Reaching Your Potential)  

All Innovators experience creative blocks from time to time. In this seminar we pinpoint our individual blocks and find ways to remove obstacles from our path to becoming more creative and innovative. In lighthearted fun, be prepared to take risks and be a story teller, a magician or a musician....even if you have never been any of those in your life before!

Collaborative Creativity  (How to Inspire Creative Teamwork)

Successful Innovators know that collaboration is the key to the success of any project. Strong teams are vital to the health of a company. Learn how to work together as a group in a decisive, respectful and healthy way. In groups, we will create a company magazine, a company art piece or even a Broadway-inspired show all to be presented by the end of the workshop.

Living a Creative Life (Both at Work and at Home)

A successful manager’s life doesn't stop at the end of the work day. When you live a creative life you view the entirety of your existence that way.  Learn practical tools to every day living that can increase your work day productivity and enjoyment.  Be open to learning a simple morning coffee meditation, breathing exercises for stress during the day and the value of a daily artist date. 

Components of Creativity (Inspiring Leaders to Be Innovative and Original)

Successful leaders know the secret to innovation and originality. It is in being fearless!  In this seminar we discuss potential risk and reward. We break down how the creative mind works, how we can tap into that potential and explore exercises that can help open the creative mind. 



The Artist's Heart

Utilizing writing, drama and art exercise as an exploration of our creative beings, in this workshop we encourage artistry through yoga practice. From the page or stage to the mat, we dive into the philosophies of hath a yoga and learn how to infuse them into our artist and our everyday lives.  Suitable for writers, producers, actors, musicians, fine artists and all creative thinking people with a consistent yoga practice who would like to tap into and utilize profound realms of artistry. 


Pranayama is the practice of directing your energy or life giving forces (prana) by controlling your breath. Pranayama is practiced to generate positive feelings, calm, heal, cleanse and vitalize the nerves, lungs and bloodstream. This workshop will cover the basics and then provide both theory and a practice to teach you how to set up an invigorating and healing personal practice.